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10 fist is a manga about a group of 10 teens trained by master blue miracle to one day defeat imperal overlord akio and his military clusters. Before master blue could teach the teens thier last lesson the fist dojo was raided by Akio clusters and master blue was killed in the fight. The akio cluster that attacked the dojo led by hashiyuki killed nearly every student and trainer.The dojo was destroyed and tourn to shreds and was filled with the blood and cries of all the clusters victims.When hashiyuki was satisfied with the destruction he caused,he left the dojo killing any survivors.

A day after the attack a civilian mailman was walking by.Fear struck him as he saw what the king Akio clusters had done.As he was walking he heard a small cry in the middle of all the rumble.He the ran to check it out and he was suprised to find a group of teens laying there still breathing.As he was about to contact the medical station the oldest of the teens hoshi miracle grabbed his hand and put it down.The fear in the mailmans eye grew wider.He wondered how 10 teens survived one of the biggest cluster attack in the last 5 years.As hoshi miracle calmed the man down the others began waking up.Each of them looking around with a shocked look on their face.Then they realized that they were the only remaining fists at the dojo.The shocked look in their face then went from shoked to angry.The pain that they had just lost everyone they loved was to painful to bear.From that day each of the teens swore to one day have theyre revenge on the clusters and stop akio once and for all.

Akio Military Clusters Edit

The Akio military clusters are specialy trained assasins that specialize in taking out their opponents quick and painfuly.There are 10 seperate group of clusters all owned by king Akio.The loyal clusters, which are Akio personal military.Thegolden which are led by general hashiyuki san.The silent clusters which are the quiet military,they gather information for akio.The ultimate clusters which contain groups of superpowered humans and mutants.And at last the 3 silver clusters which contains the hugest army.

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